Using Technology to Get Your Home "Tenant Ready" Fast

Using Technology to Get Your Home "Tenant Ready" Fast

Posted by Ryan Schwartz on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 at 12:34pm.

Home TechnologyPeople rent out their Naples FL homes for a number of reasons. If you have an extra property you’re not using, or would like to rent out your own home, there are a few things you’ll need to do in order to get it ready for renting.

A clean and tidy home is what’s going to make your tenant want to stay in your house longer, pay on time and maintain the home as if the own it.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, the dull process of cleaning our home and garden has become a more pleasurable one, as now we can get our chores done faster and achieve results like never before.

So before you get started on your cleaning, take a look at our top 5 ways to get your home ready for a tenant fast with the use of technology:

Robotic Vacuum

Robotic VacuumAlthough they are a bit on the expensive side, compared to regular upright vacuums, robot vacuums do offer a convenience that you can never get from your normal vacuum. They can run when you’re out of the house, while you sleep, eat or tackle other chores and will offer a helping hand when you’re flooded with other tasks and chores.

This method will save you the hassle of cleaning every day, or vacuuming the house thoroughly to get it ready for your new tenant.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless VacuumAlthough the robot vacuum cleaner will do an amazing job at getting all your floors and carpets clean, as well as check under all your furniture and other not so easily accessible spots, you’ll still need to occasionally use a regular vacuum cleaner.

This is especially so before you start renting out your home for the first time, as well as in between tenants if the previous ones have not had the place professionally cleaned. This will help you get as much of the dirt and debris out faster and without having to empty out the dirt bin too often.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are more flexible and agile, than regular corded models. They are convenient for quick clean ups and for tougher jobs as well. They are extremely quiet as well, which makes them more suitable for more populated areas. Since you won’t have a cord dragging around behind you, you will be able to complete your chores faster and with less hassle.

Window Vacuum

If you too suffer the frustration of cleaning your windows for hours on end, without seeing the results you hoped for, while spending a lot of precious time and energy, then you might need to get yourself a window vac and forget about having smeared windows ever again.

Window vacs allow you to clean your windows in the shortest amount of time, while putting in a lot less effort than you did before, making scrubbing a thing of the past. These products are small, compact and easy to use which makes them really flexible and suitable for all kinds of windows.

The way these vacuums work is they remove all dirt and stains from your windows using innovative suction blade technology, ensuring stain and streak-free windows in the shortest amount of time possible.

Some models come with their own spray bottle, microfibre cloth and window cleaning solution so that you can have everything you need at hand before you start cleaning.

Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic Lawn MowerWhile this gadget is maybe the most expensive one on the list, the amount of time and effort it will save you, makes it worth the investment. This is particularly true for people who don’t have the time to tend to their garden or simply don’t want to mow their lawn.

These lawn mowers are quite convenient and easy to use. You just need to set them up properly and they’ll do their thing from then on. You can set your own time and schedule and the robot lawn mower will follow it to the point. You can adjust its cutting height and frequency, and with some of the newer models, you can even do that from your phone or tablet. Since the robot lawn mower charges itself and empties out the cuttings on its own, your only responsibility is to do some light maintenance once or twice a year, and you’re done. This will give you more time to relax or tend to the rest of your chores, without having to worry about your lawn ever again.

Air Purifier

Last but not least, an important part of getting everything clean and ready for your new tenant is getting an air purifier so that you can capture and kill all airborne germs, unpleasant odors, dust and allergens and make sure your house is finally ready for your tenant to move in.

Air purifiers not only eliminate bad odors, allergens and dust, but they also remove outside pollutants and fumes from the air, reduce the carbon dioxide levels and produce cleaner air which can improve your mood levels and your productivity.

These are just some of the many benefits of using an air purifier in your home, so if you want to keep your home clean, having an air purifier is definitely a must have item.

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